10 things to consider when choosing a house in Crete

What are the 10 things to consider when choosing a house or villa in Crete?

The Ailit Estate team has compiled for you a checklist of points to consider when buying a property in Crete.

1. Location: Choose a convenient location with proximity to various services, beaches and places for a comfortable vacation.

2. Sea view: Enjoy the unique atmosphere and beautiful scenery by choosing a house with sea or mountain view (e.g. Lefka Ori).

3. Transportation routes and infrastructure: Make sure you have easy access to public transportation and the national road for easy movement around the island.

4. Needs and preferences: Identify your basic needs and preferences to choose a home that perfectly matches your expectations. For example: availability of a swimming pool, proximity to the city, etc.

5. Home size and style: Choose a home that meets your needs in terms of size and interior style.

6. Condition and Maintenance: Check the condition of the house and availability of maintenance to ensure a comfortable living experience.

7. Legal aspects: Check the legal aspects of the transaction with the help of a lawyer or real estate professional for a safe purchase. If you are buying a house through our real estate agency Ailit Estate, you don’t have to worry: all legal intricacies will be taken care of by our team.

Pay attention to these points when choosing a property in Crete and contact our experts to make your transaction as successful as possible.