Greece named top travel destination 2024 – what does this mean for Crete property?

Greece has been crowned as the Best Tourism Destination for 2024 at the prestigious Grand Travel Awards, held in Oslo, Norway. This accolade not only spotlights the country’s enduring appeal as a travel hotspot but also casts a spotlight on its burgeoning real estate market, particularly in Crete.


Chania – A Real Estate Jewel in Crete


Chania, a coastal city in Crete, exemplifies the fusion of historical richness and real estate opportunity. Known for being one of Crete’s oldest cities, Chania captivates with its Venetian and Turkish architectural influences, offering a unique living experience. According to Spitogatos, the average asking price for property in Chania has seen a significant rise, reaching around 2,190€/sq.m. in 2024, an 11.00% increase from the previous year. The rental market too has mirrored this trend, with an 8.40% increase in average rental prices, now at 8.67 €/sq.m.



Crete’s Real Estate Market: An Opportune Time for Investment


The recognition of Greece as a top tourism destination is expected to further fuel interest in Crete’s real estate. The island, renowned for its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm Mediterranean climate, is increasingly attracting investors and homebuyers. The growing tourism industry, coupled with the stable and improving economic climate, makes it an ideal time for investing in Crete’s property market.

Properties in Crete, especially in areas like Chania and Rethymno, offer a blend of lifestyle and investment opportunities. From luxury villas with breathtaking sea views to traditional houses in historic centers, the variety caters to a range of preferences and budgets. The increase in property values indicates a healthy and growing market, promising potential for capital appreciation and rental income, especially in tourist-frequented areas.


The Future of Crete’s Real Estate


Looking ahead, Crete’s real estate market shows signs of sustained growth and stability. The island’s increasing popularity as a tourist destination, combined with Greece’s recent accolade, is likely to continue attracting international investors and second-home buyers. For those considering property investment in Greece, Crete offers a compelling mix of cultural richness, natural beauty, and promising real estate opportunities.

In conclusion, Greece’s recognition as the Best Tourism Destination of 2024 is more than just a triumph for its tourism sector; it’s a herald of opportunity for its real estate market, particularly in the gem that is Crete. Now is an opportune time to explore the diverse and vibrant property market of this enchanting Greek island. And We are ready to help you! Contact Ailit Estate and we will find the right property in Crete for you.